Paul Romaine 

​​​An interviewer once asked Louis Armstrong about
Different Genres of music as Louis sure knew a lot
about Genres as they talked about them.  
But what Louis said next, said it all. "You know the
Truth of the matter is, setting genres aside, there are only two types of music. Good Music and Bad Music."                  

"Good Music Lasts a Lifetime"

Dear Friends in music,​

We would like to welcome you to the Paul Romaine website. The varied categories listed above on the Page tabs will give you a wealth of information that is both entertaining and informative about this legendary broadcaster. 

In the Biography Page tab you'll read about Paul's early broadcasting days that began over 26 years ago. You will also see information about him as a Published book writer along with Testimonials from celebrities about his books.

We encourage you to go to the iTunes Podcasts Page tab as well as the Celebrity Interviews Page tab for many other interesting audio broadcasts.

On the Store Page tab, you will be able to listen to Paul's recording of 'Soft Spoken Romance' on his album titled Talking to Your Heart. It shows why his voice is one of the most recognizable ones in America today. There are also music instrumentals of great ballads such as "Moon River" and Theme from "A Summer Place".

Paul is an accomplished recording artist as well as a Producer and music arranger. All of the spoken word recordings were written by Paul and the music cuts were co-produced and arranged by him.  

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