Published Book Writer: As a writer and broadcaster one can see that Paul understands music and singers and knows real talent when he hears it. Paul has three print books out and you can click on the Click Here tabs below to preview them. 

Click Here to see the listing for Paul's book Up The Down Ladder of Success. It has the essential hidden traits for singers and students to have greater success in their music. 

Click Here to see the listing for Paul's book Women Singers The Legendary Hit-Makers. It has the biographies of 30 women singers who contributed so much to music. Everyone from Ella and Aretha to Lady Gaga, Patsy Cline and in between.

Click Here to see the listing for Paul's newest book Men Singers The Legendary Pop Crooners. It has the biographies of 29 Legendary Pop Crooners from Dean, Perry, and Engelbert to Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, The Righteous Brothers and more. 


Jordan Rich of WBZ radio in Boston interviewed me about my book "Up The Down Ladder of Success" and had this to say. 'One of the things that stood out early on in the book was the chapter titled "Etiquette: It Does Make a Difference". He said that Etiquette is so important to have for singers and musicians who are trying to make a good impression on someone that they are asking to hire them.'

Barry Farber: In 2002, Talkers Magazine rated him the 9th greatest radio talk show host of all time and in 2014 he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He recently interviewed me on his show at the CRN Digital Talk I​ Radio Network about my latest book titled "Women Singers The Legendary Hit-Makers". He said "Inside the book there are some of the most elegant voices in the world that made life such a delight across America and around the world. I'm holding the book in my hand because it's the best music of our lives."

"Folks, if you get this book it will bring joy, it will bring peace. It's such a wonderful collection of truly wonderful people who have lifted lives all across America and around the world. The title is Women SingersThe Legendary Hit-Makers. ​

"Paul Romaine's book is a splendid piece of work that will send shivers up your spine. It will rekindle the pleasure you had when listening to the women who I love to hear. It is never boring and always direct and to the point."

Ronnie Dove: Paul said "One of the things I take a lot of pride in is that in all my writings about celebrity singers, songwriters and musicians, I do not write Negative stories. Ronnie Dove, a famous singer/songwriter who still performs to this day wrote to me a couple of years ago and addressed the issue of negativity. He was familiar with mywork and said, "you have a gift and are a friend to the music world. It's good to see someone who is dedicated to the positive side rather than the usual negative side."

The following are 'some of my friends in the music business' that I am blessed to have:

      Ronnie Dove

Terry Johnson "The Flamingos"

​Kenny Vance & The Planotones

Paul Romaine 

          Jay Siegel's Tokens

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Jimmy Clanton

Dave Somerville TheDiamonds

Broadcasting:​ Paul has vast Broadcasting skills in radio stations and Management skills as the Production Director for voice work done by on air-hosts and national advertiser's commercials to air on a large Radio Network. 

Paul has said 'The first radio station that I worked at over 26 years ago was one that had a long history. I was hired to be a board Operator and to do voice work for commercials. It was an AM station that played music until switching over to Talk radio. I always felt that there were very few stations that had Call letters that have a rhyme to them. Its Call letters could roll right off an announcer's voice as one would say, "Right here at WCAP" in Lowell Massachusetts.'

'After working at that position and getting the much needed basic experience, I obtained a job at the Talk America Radio Network. In that position I was the Production Director for all commercial advertising that was done on the Talk America Radio playlist.'

The network had well known legendary Talk Show hosts such as Chuck Harder, Barry Farber, Jackie Mason, Art Bell and many others. In a plum deal, the network had partnered up with Dick Clark's United Stations in New York. Dick's company was designated as the advertising representative firm for the primary commercials that aired on the Network.