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​​​​​​​​​​Jay Siegel's Tokens have had many hits over the years such as Tonight I Fell in Love, He's in Town, I Hear Trumpets Blow, and Portrait of My Love. However, none of them compare to their biggest hit of all. It guarantees their place in history because it is "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Just look at the history of the song that seems as though everyone is familiar with it. When it was first recorded in 1961, it skyrocketed to I million sales in the U.S. in a short period of time. The record label RCA Victor Records was so impressed with its debut they decided to market it internationally. It then sold another 2 million records in 36 countries overseas. 

As if that wasn't enough, 50 years later it was inserted into the current long running Broadway musical The Lion King. As a result, it has gotten a brand new group of young and older fans for Jay Siegel's Tokens.

In the interview, you will hear stories about Jay's early career including Neil Sedaka, American Bandstand, and later on his partnering with John "Jay" Traynor.

For those of you who are interested in music history, this is another classic interview of a song that will live a long time in the annals of history. 

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Dave Somerville and the Diamonds were originally from Canada and eventually moved their career up to the next level when they came to the U.S. and did several appearances on TV.

Dave Somerville sang lead on all sixteen of the Diamonds' Billboard charted hits. Who could ever forget "Little Darlin'", "Walking Along", a famous dance song known as "The Stroll", "The Church Bells May Ring", and "Why Do Fools Fall in Love". 

As a young man Dave studied at Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music. As a group, The Diamonds got their career off to a good start by winning the contest on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts TV show. Dave and the group also appeared on other Television shows such as The Perry Como show and The Steve Allen Show.

Their rise in Music really propelled with several appearances on the grand-daddy of all shows Dick Clark's American Bandstand.  

Dave still does a lot of appearances singing those great Diamond hits and has road stories galore about the days when traveling on a Greyhound bus in 1957. This was considered Rock & Roll's first major tour with 13 acts on board.

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Jimmy Clanton has had over 27 hit records during his career. Who could ever forget his first gold record which he wrote that was titled "Just a Dream." It was a song about love that was lost when he and his first girlfriend broke up.

"Venus in Blue Jeans" is a lasting hit with a great melody and tells the story of a young man who is just overwhelmed with his new girlfriend's beauty. It truly is about young love with all its wonderment. 

You will hear great stories about people who were early influences in Jimmy's career including Dick Clark of American Bandstand and Alan Freed.

There's also a wonderful story about a former POW and how one of Jimmy's songs literally saved his life. Finally Jimmy talks about the things that led to him being a 'Born Again Christian' and so much more.

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​Terry Johnson and The Flamingos are considered the best of the best when it comes to singing Doo-Wop harmony. Their songs were all romantic ballads and one of the early songs that is considered a classic is "I Only Have Eyes for You". No one could mix harmony and romance better than them. They are often referred to as the Ambassadors for Romance.

Several things are covered in this interview starting with people who had an early influence on Terry from family to other singers. Also was a song titled "Lovers Never Say Goodbye" written by Terry and the story of a special moment in a show that occurred when the group sang it. 

We'll learn about members of his group and the choreography and precision production numbers that prove they are also the best in that area. And if that is not enough, we'll hear how he worked with a legend in Motown Records, the one and only Smokey Robinson.  

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This interview with host Paul Romaine is in two parts and lasts a total of 40 minutes. Kenny Vance's total recall of many singers and musicians gives the listener a lot of information about legendary singers such as Shep and the Limelites, Fats Domino, The Drifters, Kenny Vance and the Planotones, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Clovers, The Coasters, Dion and the Belmonts, The Flamingos, Frankie Lymon, The Moonglows, The Platters, The Crests, The Five Satins, The Elegants, The Capris, The Penguins, The Duprees and so many more.

Along with this is a discussion of the famous Brill Building at the corner of 49th and Broadway in New York City. It was an office building for various businesses but had some floors where there were record companies. In turn these companies had singers, songwriters, and musicians in their employment.

In 1959 songwriters Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller came to New York and occupied space at the Brill Building. Many artists believe that Lieber and Stoller  were one of the top songwriting teams in the century.

In 1962 Aldon Music in the Brill Building had an entire floor and 200 chart hits to their label. And are you ready for this? Of the 18 writers on the payroll, the oldest was 36 years of age.

The era of the 50's and the 60's were the prime time for Doo-Wop music but it still has a large niche market to this day and for good reason.

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Singer Gary Russo was dubbed the 'Subway Sinatra' due to the fact that it was at the Second Avenue subway project in Manhattan which is where he brought his music to his fellow New York neighbors. The similarities in Gary's voice and the legendary Frank Sinatra's are remarkable. 

In the interview we learn of the rise of a YouTube video that went viral of him singing on his lunch break while working at the subway station. The video racked up 1 million hits in just under a month's time. He also has a new book out called "Don't Die with Your Song Unsung".

The interview tells of his desire to sing professionally and the people that helped him on his journey. He is a native New Yorker and sang to 45 thousand fellow New Yorkers at the start of the New York City Marathon.

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