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I would like to welcome you to the "Singers and Musicians Talent Search site". As you may have heard, the Talent Search is now located on the Paul Romaine.com website. For those of you who are familiar with the Talent site, your Page information for Submitting Your Song is listed further down on this page just below its heading. After that, you can view the Application Form, simply by Clicking on the Click Here button. That is followed by the Singers and Musicians Talent Search Winners page which is just the same as it was at the 

previous location.   

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One of the things that I am really proud of in setting up this Talent Search is that it

is totally FREE for the artists that wish to apply. While many talent searches have 

Fees to subscribe to their site, and fees to submit an application or other fees, we do

not charge anything for the process. 

Our Talent Search is an ongoing contest. This means that at any time a submission 

is sent in and deemed a winner, it will get posted on our site. In most Talent Searches

there is only one winner and a runner-up with all the other contestants winding up

getting left by the wayside.

In our situation, some of those candidates that get left behind are good singers who could eventually be chosen by us as our Talent Search is Ongoing. 

We wish to give you one last example why our site is truly for the Artists that apply. Let's assume you are chosen as a winner. Your song is posted on the Talent Winners Page tab with the audio of your song.

You are also allowed and encouraged to give us any links that you may have such as a website, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, et cetera. We will then post the links on your listing page so that visitors can view and listen to them. This is an option. You do not have to give any links at all. The choice is yours as to whether you want them posted. 

The main thing to remember is the site is truly for the artists. Everything is FREE. 

I want to say Thank You so much for visiting with us and hope you will enjoy the rest of the tour. You will now see the  information for Submitting Your Song and the Song Application Form. Lastly, following that, is the Singers and Musicians Talent Search Winners. The list includes each artist's winning song and any links that they have provided for you to follow.

The following are the Requirements for:

​​Submitting Your Song

The minimum age required to submit a song is 11 years of age or older. The maximum age is unlimited.

You may only submit one song, so it is important that you pick the best one that you have. Caution is the word here. Artists that are good at their craft tend to put a lot of time in producing a quality project. If you just try to get by in recording on a iPhone and just put in the minimum to do so, in all probability you will not get selected.

The song must be in an audio MP3 format for a standard  MP3 player. We say standard because there are some Media Players that have extensions that are not recognized on all computers. Therefore we  say 'standard' because it is the most recognized one by computers. We say audio because video, whether it be You Tube or others, is not permitted in the submission process. The length of the song must be kept to under five minutes. Most recordings are actually two and a half to three minutes in length.

The song must be sent as an attachment in the E-mail.

The E-mail address that you will send the Application to will be the one that is on the Application Form, Only that E-mail address is the acceptable one for submitting your work. If your application is sent to any of our other E-mails, it will not be considered.

An important area on the form is the question that asks if 'It is an original song written by you or is it a cover song meaning that someone else wrote it. It doesn't make any difference which type it is. The important thing here is you cannot claim that the song you are submitting is one that you have composed if it was actually written by someone else. Honesty is the only right thing to claim here.

All the requested information on the form must be filled in.

Once your application form is submitted, we try to answer you within 30 days.

Click the link below to access the Song Application Page form. 

Song Application Form  

Singers and Musicians Talent Search Winners

The following winning artists in the Talent Search have been accepted for the quality of their work and their potential for greater success in the future:

Artist: Steven R. Knight, Atlanta, GA

Song: "Never Know" Genre: R&B and Soul

Click Here to listen to Steven's song

Click Here to view Steven's awesome website

Click Here  to view Steven's Facebook page

Click Here  to view Steven's Reverbnation page

Artist: Sky Everglow, Florissant, MO

Song: "Purple Matter" Genre: Abstract Pop

Click Here to listen to Sky's song

Click Here  to view Sky's Facebook Page

Artist: Brandon Kay, Queens, NY 

Song: "Never" Genre: Smooth Rap

Click Here  to listen to Brandon's song

Artist: Sammy C., Newport Beach, CA

Song: "Without Ya" Genre: Pop

Click Here  to Listen to Sammy's song

Click Here to view Sammy's Facebook Page

Artist: LIAMKINS, Moscow

Song:  "Girl In Those Blue Jeans" Genre: Pop

Click Here  to listen to Liamkin's song

Artist: Alex Costova, MA

Song: "A Dreamers Suite" Genre: Easy Listening and New Age

Click Here to listen to Alexander's song

Click Hereto view Alexander's Cloud Page 

Artist: Tanisha Martheswaran, Draper, Utah

Song: "Listen to Your Heart" Genre: POP

Click Here  to listen to Tanisha's song

Artist: Patricia Turse, Bedminster, NJ

Song: "Aria in classic Style for harp and organ" Genre: Classical

Click Here to listen to Patricia's song

Click Hereto view Patricia's website

Artist: Syl & Ric Folk Jazz Band, San Pedro de Alcantara, Spain

Song: "Spy Game" Genre: Pop

Click Here   to listen to Syl & Ric's song

Click Here  to view Syl & Ric's Website

Click Here  to view Syl & Ric's Facebook Page 

Click Here to view Syl & Ric's ReverbNation Page

Artist: Maggie Anderson, Sterling, VA

Song: "These Are The Nights" Genre: Pop

Click Here  to listen to Maggie's song

Click Here  to view Maggie's ReverbNation Page

Click Here  to view Maggie's You Tube Page 

Artist: Sybil Pinkney, Fayetteville, NC

Song: "Fine Yesterday" Genre: Blues

Click Here to  isten to Sybil's song

Click Here to view Sybil's YouTube Page

Artist: Bridget Roberts, Groveton, GA

Song: "At Last" Genre: Blues. Pop

Click Here  to listen to Bridget's song

Artist: Jackson Wells

Song: "Blue Suede Shoes" Genre: Country, Pop

Click Here to listen to Jackson's song 

Click Here to view Jackson's Instagram page

Click Hereto view Jackson's YouTube page

Click Here  to view Jackson's Twitter page

Click Here to view Jackson's Facebook page

Thanks again so much for visiting with us.


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